Dynamic Range Compression

When I am listening in a noisy environment (such as my health club when I am pretending to exercise), I have to really crank some tunes to hear the quiet parts, and then quickly turn it down when the quiet parts are over to avoid bleeding ears. It would be swell to have an option to compress this so that I don’t have to continually adjust the volume, or even skip some songs. I imagine this would be very helpful with audio books, or any spoken-word type of content as well.

A few levels of compression would be nice, so you can select the lowest level that still lets you hear the music, compromising sound quality as little as possible.

Please have this ready next week :smiley:

Have you tried any noise reducing headphones?

I have not tried them. I think they would be great in some places, like on an airplane. But for working out in a noisy health club, I need small earphones. Also. fancy headphones are a lot more expensive than a free compression setting :slight_smile: