DVD Audio Problems

I have a Clip Plus 4gb and I am having problems with all my songs that I ripped using DVD Audio Extractor.   The problem is that with every song it adds a couple of HOURS to each song.  This happens with all songs from different various DVDs.  So if the song is 3:10 it will show up on the Clip as over 2 hours or more.  

All the songs from the DVD extraction are in WAV and at 48khz.   The problem is also that when the song stops producing any audio the Clip will shut down pretty quickly and has to be reset to come back on.

When I play the songs on Windows Media or Winamp or Audacity they play normal for the actual amount of the song time.  There is no add on of the extra 2 or more hours that the Clip is showing.

I have no clue as to why it is doing this, one theory I had was that maybe the file was producing the actual length as to when it started on the physical DVD.  But that is not happening one DVD was around 20 minutes long and the Clip had a song from it being 2 hours 2 minutes and 48 seconds long.

Thanks for any help

Personally, I would rip to a compressed format such as mp3–the uncompressed wav format takes up too much space.