Dual USB flash drives not allowing files UNDER 4gb to be copied

Hi There, I have 2 dual usb drives (64gb and 128gb) and I’m trying to load some movies onto them that are between 3gb and 3.8gb. I know the size limit for FAT32 is 4gb so I make sure everything is sized properly. I have done it this way for a few years with no problems. Now, I am getting the size error that the files are too large. I am on a macbook pro 2010 17" running High Sierra 10.13.1.

Do you guys have any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried writing to Apple and see if they have an update to fix the problem?

No I haven’t. 

Spoke to Apple. The issue is with High Sierra’s new file structure not allowing the files up to 4gb to be copied. They say they are working on the issue and the fix will come out in a later update.

In the meantime, they gave me 2 workarounds: 1 ) bump back down to regular Sierra, which requires backing up everything and reinstalling Sierra from scratch (No bueno) and 2) using the Terminal to transfer files (much easier).

To transfer via Terminal in MAC High Sierra: Open terminal and type “cp<space>” then click and drag the file you want to copy into the terminal window. Then click and drag the destination (the flash drive) onto the terminal widnow. There will be no progress indicator to alert you that anything is happening. The only way I knew was to look at the destinaltion and watch file grow in size periodically. Remember, the FAT32 file structure still has the 4gb file size limit, but at least this will work until they fix it in the system software.

Also, if you wnat to copy multiple files, place them in a folder and click and drag the folder instead of the single file to copy.

Hope this helps.