Dual USB drive 64 GB with lenovo Vibe X

i bought 64Gb dual drive few days ago. i tried so hard to use with my phone  Lenovo Vibe X (S960). Nothing happened :’(. In the website mentioned it can be used. Could anyone can explain this???

Thank you so much 

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Please friend, perhaps it helps, the link:


For more certainty and for other ideas, also you can send the question to the SanDisk Support Team: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/ask/


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Perhaps you can try to run a simple Windows update first and see if it will work for you.


Basically you need to format the drive on FAT32 with a 3d party software becayse windows will not nativelly format a 64GB drive on fat32. After that you need to make sure that the device supports OTG, you can check with OTG checker App in order to ensure that the host does support it.

If everything is setup correct and the drive still does not work make sure to try with a normal pc and if there its not working also then the drive seems to be defective.

Good Luck.

I think the problem is in your phone… Chinese device does not support microsd

$120 for a Chinese phone seems high avitro.

@ed_p wrote:

$120 for a Chinese phone seems high avitro.

Also sounds like spam. And has been reported as such.

> Also sounds like spam. And has been reported as such.

And yet it is still here, days later.