Dual Boot For Redundancy, Emergency Recovery & Longer Cooler Battery Energy Savings


High Capacity Ultra Fit drives like the 128gig model provide one the option on Windows or Macs to not only “mirror”/backup whole HD work folders on the flash drive, but to have on-the-spot emergency HD crash repair via a dual-boot Linux installation such as Porteus which does not require any flash reformatting or partioning and can be painlessly installed on a FAT32 flash as a dual boot HD rescue fix and backup with Windows repair apps. The best thing is when you chose to boot up Porteus/Linux on your flash with a mirror of your HD work files onboard, your laptop battery energy drain is easily sliced in half – in other words with 80% reduced screen brightness and HD unmounted you can run your lap almost twice as long on battery  (yes, sounds unbelievable but it does) , and runs far cooler to boot, which is a blessing on summer days. Porteus is perkier, more efficient and easier to use than Puppy Linux for dual boot and its XFCE interface can be set-up to make Windows users feel at home working with their Windows files off their HD or onloard the flash (faster and cooler!) and help remove the undeserved mystique of Linux to Windows users. Go to Porteus.org and download Porteus and give it a try and extend the life of your PC several ways over with a Ultra Fit base!