Dropping "The" in Artist Listing

Winamp has a feature (by default) in which it ignores the word “The” or “A” in it’s listings when it is the first word of an artist or group. Artists like The Beatles or The Charlie Daniels Band for example are alphbetically listed under “B” for Beatles, or “C” for Charlie Daniels, rather than the glut of “T” entries that occur in the Sansa menus.

One doesn’t always remember that the band or group they may be searching for has a “The” at the beginning of it. And even if they do, the sheer number of groups with this prefix in their name makes for some long searching in the Artist menu scrolling through all the “T’s”.

I don’t know if this would be possible to incorporate this into a firmware update or not, but it sure would be a welcome feature. Possibly optional at the user’s choice?