"Drive Not Detected" message after originally detected. Or Sync stops

I bought my iXpand128 two days ago from Amazon Warehouse Deals, Inc.   Nothing but trouble since arrival.

Currently, I can connect the iXpand to my iPhone 5.  All appears well.  I select Sync, iXpand says “Preparing to Sync.”.  Then one or two different things may happen.

Either I get a message saying “Drive not detected”, even though it was detected when I started.  Or, the sync begins, but then stops after maybe 300 photos have been transferred from iPhone.

Currently, I have only about 600 photos transferred after about half a dozen attempt to Sync.   I have about 3300 photos on my iPhone.

Below is the original message I left on Amazon when I originally had problems with dead,non-charged iXpand and unformatted iXpand.   At that time, I thought I had all the problems behind me, but apparently not.

I bought a used one from Amazon Warehouse Deals, Inc, “Very good condition. Item will come repackaged.” from Warehouse Deals, Inc. I thought “repackaged” would mean that it was repackaged back in original carton, with paperwork, docs, etc. My bad, I guess.

It was simply dropped into a bubble-wrap envelope, all by its naked little self.

That’s OK, I’m a nerd and know how to find things on the Internet. So, I found the operating manual for the iXpand. Yes, it’s pretty simple to operate, but there were a couple of hitches. Mine was not already charged, as it is supposed to be. So, I charged it. And now, finally, tada, tada.  But no, the iPhone app said that it needed formatting. It’s supposed to come pre-formatted with FAT32 formatting. (Says so, in the manual I had to find and download and actually read.)

No problem, I’ll just select “Format” and uhhh, wait… There is no option for formatting as FAT32. And that is the ONLY way it will work, says Manuel. So, another hour of internet research determined that NO version of Windows will now format for FAT32. And I’m running Windows 10, so that’s even more remote.

I guess I found the “One - and only” free utility available on the internet that will format a drive greater than 32GB as FAT32. It’s the Macrorit Free Disk Partition Expert at


how much free space do you have on the iOS device you are using it with? iOS does not allow the app to directly copy the pictures. they are copied to the clipboard then transferred to the iXpand then the clipboard is cleared. If you do not sufficient available storage space of the iOS device for that large of a transfer it could possible cause some issues. try transferring the pics in smaller chunks and see if the transfer complete. 

Hope it helps

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Very little free storage available on my iPhone - 2 GBs free on a 64.

That’s what caught my attention regarding the iXpand.    And every Cloud service has major design problems, IMHO.

I’ll trying freeing up some, and see what happens.