DragNfly Wi-Fi

Has anyone been able to use DragNfly free WI-FI? I belong to a health club that has it in all of it’s clubs. I have a user ID and a password, when I enter them, it kicks me out. Am I out of luck?

Try to log on with a laptop or PC so you can see the logon process.  Some WiFi services require you to pass through a terms and conditions page where you must click “agree” or check a box.  If this is the case with this service, you are out of luck.

Do you happen to belong to a lifetime fitness ?

I tried hard, and no go… because the service requires you to login via the website *first* before
you can use the service with other internet type apps. I have a Nokia N80 phone and I tried to
connect via the web browser, did login (to an account I had already created on their service),
then I was able to use my gmail/opera mini apps, etc.

But on the Sansa Connect, if you put the login/password (even though it asks it to you), it does
not authenticate since it requires a web access… (kinda dumb if you ask me), because if we’re
entering the login/passwords (take the time to input it), they might as well let us in.


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Yes, I am a member of lifetime Fitness. I have gone through the time tacking task of entering my ID (E-Mail), and password in 3 of the clubs. It goes all the way to authentication and starts over.

I contacted tech support at DragNfly, after a few conversations they came back with:

 After researching you device a bit further I see what’s going on.  You can ONLY use the device on ‘open’ or encrypted networks using WEP or WPA. The lack of actual browser is really the issue and therefore you will not be able connect up and use this device on the DFLY network…”.

They could not make it work, why can’t SanDisk come out with a firmware change that will allow us to use the Connect in places like this. This is a very common problem and it sure takes away the usefulness of the product.

Actually it’s not Sandisk’s problem, but DrgNfly… I have no problem using it @ home or @ work or @ my friends and I believe it also works @ Carribou Coffee, etc… using WPA, WEP or no password. I think DrgNfly should just allow users to connect once they enter the password, or username/password for the account… that’s the easiest way.

oh well.

Your right, I do use it at home and it works great. My problem was I didn’t do the home work up front. I saw free WI-FI at the clubs and thought it would work. May be if we keep asking the question of them, something may happen.

Why don’t you fire them an email (drgnfly), and point them to the link on this forum ? I’d be glad to send them an email as well. I go to Lifetime fairly often and it would be great to get online radio’s while working out.