Drag 'n Drop not recognized on some XP systems

I just bought a 2GB Sanza Fuze. I have not been able to get drag & drop files to work on some XP systems.   On the SP2 machines the device is recognized. On SP3 machines it is not recognized and must rely on third party software like Rhapsody which I do not like. On the SP3 machine the device shows up in Device Manager twice; once as Sanza and also as an unknown USB device. Both show yellow exclamation marks.Both go away when the Sanza is removed. When I try to update the drivers for either it fails to find any drivers. Also The FM radio initially worked well but now has quit altogether. I also found if this device is left plugged in that my PC won’t even post on startup. All suggestions are welcome.

It is an issue with xp then. I use winxp pro original build no SP and have no problems with my fuze. It auto detects the player and the memory card as 2 separate drives as soon as I plug it in. If you want to get the USB drivers updated, you can do it thru microsoft’s website. If not, then you can go thru some backwater sites on google to get the exact driver for the manufacturer of your USB ports.

To help isolate your problem, I have 2 fuzes, running with a Windows XP SP3 machine and I’m having no problems.

I assume you’re using MTP/Auto USB mode, in which case the problem is likely with Windows Media Player.  The necessary MTP drivers actually ship with WMP and are not part of XP itself.  Make sure you have WMP 10 or 11 installed.

Thanks. That will probably fix the problem as all of the SP3 systems have WMP version 9

Did you try going into the Fuse and switching from MTP mode to MSC? Only in MSC can you have drag and drop.

With WMP11, MTP drag and drop works fine.