Drag & drop but no Sansa File

Okay, I just formatted and deleted the music that came with the Fuze so I could start with a clean slate and only put on the CDs that I have. I went to the Windows Media Player 11 that I had already downloaded previously in preparation to download all my CDs to see if I had Sansa there in order to see if I could drag & drop. There is no Sansa file there. So I then read the instructions on how to drag and drop. I opened Windows Explorer and was supposed to click on Sansa player before I clicked on Internal Memory. But there is no Sansa file there or anywhere I looked. Is there another way to drag and drop? Just when I thought I had it under control…grrrrr! Thanks, Judy

Okay, now I am feeling better. I found a previous answer to my question. So until I have another question, I will keep feeling around. Judy