Drag and Drop appends 8 character hexadecimal code in front of Folder title in Folder View

Sansa Fuze 8Gb


Windows Vista

USB Mode Auto Detect

I’ve dragged and dropped a lot of albums into the internal and external memory folders (music) but for some reason on some album folders (not all but most) there has been an 8 digit code added in front of the folder name when viewed in Folder View. Such as 0DF00000_Blind Melon - Blind Melon.

I like to navigate by folder and bought the fuze as it does this, but these added numbers screw up the album list.

I’ve read another post where someone got these numbers added when transferring through Media Player but there was no solution for dragging and dropping.

I don’t know much about USB modes etc. Would an option be to force MSC mode, delete all, then re-drop to see if that helps?

Help appreciated!

Try using the manual MSC mode. There’s a reason why the mode you’re using is referred to as ‘Auto Defect’. :wink:

Auto Detect throws you into MTP mode if it detects Windows Media Player. Go into Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and make it MSC.

If you stay in MSC, the Fuze works just like another drive on your computer–no Mischief, Tricks or Problems.  The folders you make will be the folders you see.

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OK i’ll delete and try again in MSC.

Thanks guys.

Reloading in MSC Mode worked fine, all folders now appear as they should.

That’s how we roll.

@black_rectangle wrote:
That’s how we roll.

Rock ‘n’ Roll! :stuck_out_tongue:

@black_rectangle wrote:
That’s how we roll.

I don’t think this self-congratulatory attitude is quite appropriate.

As fas as the subject of playing folders (as opposed to playing albums or songs) is concerned, SanDisk has not covered itself with glory.

First, the option didn’t exist at all. Then I had to download and install a new version of the firmware to see the option on my menu, but the folders I dragged onto the Fuze ended up with garbled names. Next, I had to delete everything, change USB mode, and re-load again.

It’s not intuitive, it’s not user friendly, and it’s definitely not as plug-and-play as some other makes. My Sony Walkman does what I expected whithout me ever having to look at a manual, download firmware, or visit a user forum.

So, yes, it’s great that I can now play folders on my Fuze too, but save the self-congratulation for your Christmas party.


I don’t work for Sansa, Peter. This is a user forum.

I don’t work for SanDisk, Peter. This is a user forum.

And thanks to this user forum I’ve been able to find all the answers to my concerns.  Sure appreciate all your help guys.  :<)  Rich

(Yeah, I know it’s almost 2 years later – but it needed saying!)