downloads will not play after airline travel

took a trip salt lake city - denver - minneapolis and back.  radio works fine and my download titles are still listed in memory but they will not play

Maybe it got airsick?

What kind of files?  How were they transferred?  Did they ever work?  Where did you download from?  More info please.  Feel free to answer questions I haven’t asked.

Did you change the time on the player when you changed time zones? Try doing a reset by holding the power switch on for 15-20 seconds.

maybe the DRM license expired?

@donp wrote:

maybe the DRM license expired?


Thats whatI was thinking. If the time was changed on the player the DRM licenses could get confused.

If you have DRM contents, try plug it in PC to resync the license and it should work…as for the Clip, I don’t think you can change the time so it’s not a problem.