Downloads are now unlistenable

Hello all - first post, and I’m already asking for help. In just the last few days, suddenly anything I download is choppy, glitchy, skippy, whatever you want to call it. Podcasts and music from various sources all have the same problem, so I know it’s not some setting on a single website; and the versions on my PC have exactly the same skips and glitches as the ones on the Sansa. So it would seem like it must be a problem on the PC, and the only change I have made in the relevant last few days is update the Sansa installer. Has anyone else had the same problem - since that update, choppy downloads? The odd one gets through unscathed but I’d say 80% or so have skips and glitches. Or, if I’m off-base, does anyone have any recommendations about what on my PC might be going wrong?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

What format are the songs in? What program are you using to play them?

Here’s my theory: Perhaps you have a buggy program on your pc that’s causing the problems. Maybe that same program thinks it needs to auto-convert all of your files before transfering them, making the jitter permemant. If so, the files on your computer are probably unharmed.

I would try dragging and dropping them manually (assuming they’re not DRM-crippled). If that works, you could switch to a different program.