Ok i got my fuze exchanged for a new one at best buy because my last one broke, which i got yesterday.  Anyway, when i try to sync or use drag drop methods there are some problems, can u tell me how to fix this.  When i use drag drop method it does not show album cover.  When i use sync on windows media player it downloads everything.  Can you tell me how to do it correctly.

Are you using folders and album art named folder.jpg?  The Fuze doesn’t read embedded album art.

Album art should be transferred if you drag and drop in MTP mode. If you’re in MSC mode, you have to enable viewing of hidden and system files on your computer for album art to transfer using drag and drop.

As far as WMP syncing everything, it’s a setting within WMP that I can’t remember exactly at the moment. You just have to change the setting for the way WMP syncs with devices. 

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where do you go to change MSC mode/how is that done?

On your device go to:

Settings >>| System Settings >>| USB Mode >>| Select the mode you want to use.