Downloading problems

I purchased songs from   I burned them on a cd and then loaded them into my computer media player.  When I sinc them into the shaker I get a message “that the provider not granted right to sinc files”.  Will I be able to some way download these songs into the shaker?  If not, can I purchase a cd and download the songs into the shaker. 

This thing is driving me crazy.  I can’t believe the shaker is so difficult to use.

Music from services such as Napster or Rhapsody are protected (DRM) and may not be played on the Shaker.

If you purchase a CD and rip the music off of it, however, it will work.

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I took your advise and ripped the CD and it worked.  Thank you for your help.

I bought the shaker for my daughter specifically because best buy claimed that it supported rhapsody-to-go, which I have a subscription to. But of course, when I tried to transfer files to it through my to-go account, I got a message saying that the tracks must be purchased first – not transferable through my subscription.

See for yourself;jsessionid=AT0BMYD304GHRKC4D3HVAGQ?skuId=8421497&productCategoryId=pcmcat46000050015&type=product&tab=2&id=1181832199862

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