downloading podcasts e260

I have tried to down load podcast using Yahoo Music Podcast software.  I can transfer it to the computer but cannot get it loaded on to the e260.  any suggestions.

You would have to provide a bit more details. What you said equates to me saying my car is broken down, how do i fix it.

does your player work fine aside from those podcast?
Whats stopping you from loading them?
Can you load them and you get an error on the player?
Or is there an error when you try to start the transfer?
What are these errors?
Are you trying it in MSC or MTP mode?

I save the podcast or podcasts to a folder on my PC with a descriptive name, i.e. if you’re downloading podcasts about news you might name the folder “NewsCasts”.  Then with the Sansa in MSC mode drag/copy or paste the “NewsCasts” folder into the hidden “Music” folder on your Sansa.  Works for me.

arrrgh, You are right the podcast a usually audio files and Sansa players treats it has that.

So transfer the file (in MP3 or WMA) into the Music folder of the player. Of course the idea of arrrrgh to organise it under subfolder(s) is pretty good