Downloading Music

I am new to utilizing an MP3 player.  I had my sitter buy some songs from musicmatch yesterday and we were unable to transfer the music to the device.  Any suggestions?

Do you know which file formats the songs are in? Were they purchased? Also, if you open up My Computer, does it show up as a “Removable Disk” or an “Audio”/“Other Device”?

I believe MusicMatch Jukebox is very similar to Yahoo Music Jukebox. Try watching the How-To Videos on how to use this software and see if they will transfer successfully. Just click on the link and scroll to the bottom, you will see various videos on how to use the Music Jukebox. Does this interface look similar to the software you have? You can also watch the other videos on how to add songs using different software for your Sansa.

Link to How To Videos.

In fact, MusicMatch is being discontinued and migrated to Yahoo Music Jukebox.  If you have not done this already, it must be done by August 31, 2007.  I just started up my MusicMatch which I haven’t used in a while and discovered this.  Fortunately, I already have a Yahoo user ID, so migration (hopefully) will be pretty easy…