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Im wanting to download videos from youtube to my fuze, any suggestions???  Thanks a bunch in advance :smiley:

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Ignore The Troll. works good too.

@docstrange wrote: works good too.

will that get you the video or just the audio?

oh. It’s just the audio.

I only read part of the answer.

Nonetheless, I reccomend that link for anything on youtube that’s super rare (like a music video for a song you’ve been searching for everywhere and its only availible on superexpensive vinyl import).

Could be cool for some of the comedy stuff too. Its not all that interesting to watch a standup act.

That program does wonders. It lets you download the video, then convert it to either WMV or MP3 (among other file types)

So you can convert it to WMV and use the Sansa Media Convertor to make it FUZE compatible, thats what I am doing. used to be cool.  Seems they are messed up lately.