Downloaded Blockbuster movie

I just paid to download a movie off the Blockbuster site but can’t seem to get it to play on my Sansa Fuze.  Have put it through Any Video Converter and then through the Sansa Media Converter, but all I get is garbage.  Blockbuster says it supports the Archos 605, but no info on other devices.  Any ideas?

Thanks, Vicky

Maybe you should convert the video into MPG4 or .mov then try Sansa Media Convert again?

Not being familiar with it, I’m only speculating here but seems to me if you download a movie from Blockbuster, you are essentially just ‘renting’ it just as if you went into a store and took home the DVD. You are only paying to view it for a limited time for the price that you pay.

With digital formats, this is controlled by DRM encryption. So if this is the case, and this movie you downloaded is DRM crippled, I doubt whether you can convert it to display on your Fuze.

Tapeworm is probably right. If it’s a “rental”, I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t embed some kind of DRM.

No, it’s not a rentla.  While the site does allow you to download a “rental” version for less money and view for only a limited time, you also have the option to purchase a movie (this one was $9.95) burn it to a DVD, and play it on a device.  Viewing time is unlimited. While they don’t support iPod, they do mention the Archos.

I have tried converting it to different formats, such as MP4, and then putting it through SMC.  No luck.