Download internal music to PC

I recently bought a Clip+ and simply love it! I have one question though, to which I can’t find the answer:

There are some demo songs in the internal memory, which I’d like to backup to my PC, so I can delete them from the device, but they are not visible when I connect the device to my PC.

Is it possible to copy these over somehow? Thanks in advance!

The sample tunes, etc. are loaded from the factory in MTP mode. If you’re connected in MSC, your computer won’t be able to see them. Go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and select MTP. Now connect to your computer and you’ll have access to back them up or transfer them to your computer.

Whatever you do, don’t use the Auto-Defect setting in the USB Mode options. It’ll mess you up. :wink:

Thank you! I never thought it could be this simple :slight_smile:

I always use normal USB mode, because it gives me 2 drives I can access directly from any file manager, like Total Commmander.