Download a youtube video real or AVC make an WHITE LINES in the bottom.

Hi, i download video from youtube using any video converter or realplayer and both i have a problem, sometimes i see in the bottom of the screen some white lines that i can view a lot because the background is black. I dont have what happen, in youtube you can view perfect but after i download the video i can see this white llineas.

An example 

Youtube video: NO WHITE LINES

after download:

I see its a little but every 5 secons or more appears and it goes fast only appers on 1 frame and you see a white line that contrast.

Try with video4fuze

But is when i download the youtube video not the conversion.


see on the bottom left, its a flash white line.

OH my god its a problem of the ORIGINAL video in youtube, i watch the video and if i wathc a lot i see these flashes but more little, after download the falshes are bigger and in my fuse you se white flashes. :frowning: