Double Artist Folders

Hello- I’ve loaded my music to my clip sport plus.   Under Artist, some of the Artists are listed twice, and each folder contains different music.   Does anyone know why that is?  Thank you.

Something is different in the ID3 tag between the two. Use a good tag-editor like MP3Tag to correct them so they ae the same.

Using MP3Tag, I have confirmed all files by the same artist have the exact same ID3 tags.  Same characters, same case, same punctuation, same everything.  All files have the same artist, same album artist, same bit-rate, same Codec, same frequency, and same Joint Stereo modus.  Yet, some artist names (not all) are listed twice with some of the songs in one folder and the remainder of the songs in the other folder.  This duplication of artist folder names does not occur on an iPhone, on multiple Sony MP3 players, nor in My Media for Alexa; only on the Sandisk Clip Sport Plus player.  Someone please tell me why some artist names result in duplicate folders when you select Artist found under Music.  Thank you.

Here are a few suggestions to explore.

  1. A minor spelling or letter spacing or punctuation difference is detected by the player.

  2. mp3 files are not sorted alongside m4a files. (What about other types?)

  3. Maybe the “outlier files” have metadata that do not match the “majority files”? (Album Artist, etc) 

  4. Make sure all your mp3 files only use ID3 tag format v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

      Delete all other tag formats (ID3 v1, v2, and APE.).   m4a files do not use ID3 v.3 tags.