Do's and don'ts of ID3 tags?

Well, I’m SOOOO happy that rockbox was ported to the v2 within a few days of my purchasing it. But unfortunately it does drain battery life, so I have a feeling that I will still need to use the OF when on long trips. However in the few days that I used the OF, I have had some glitches with the Fuze not recognizing ID3 tags and songs freezing up a second after they start, which I believe are due to my modification of ID3 tags and use of the player on both Windows/Linux respectively.

So my questions are:

What can the Fuze do in terms of ID3 tags and what can’t it do?

I’m assuming switching between OSes and modes all the time can’t be good, so I guess I’ll stick with transferring music on Linux (rhythmbox, yay!), but which mode should I have it in when doing so, and any other tips? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance guys! I think I still like the Fuze XD 

The Fuze likes ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.  It can read some other ID3v2 (like 2.2, usually) but not ID3v1, which will come up Unknown. 

Your default tagging in Linux is probably not ISO-8859-1 but UTF-8 or UTF-16–Unicode characters. Those can trip up the Fuze and be read as bad files or stop the database refresh entirely.

So if you can set your tagger to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, do it. Or use mp3tag in Windows with those defaults set (under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg–Write). 

The mode you need is MSC: basic generic USB drive mode. The other mode, MTP, is made for synching Windows Media Player.  Auto is supposed to go to MTP if your computer has WMP 10 or 11, MSC otherwise. Don’t trust it–just use MSC if you’re using both Windows and Linux.  Or Windows may send over files via MTP that the Linux box won’t see (in MSC). 

Ok well just to clarify, I can actually use MTP mode on Linux so I just wanted to figure out which one is less-glitchy or if there is any serious difference between them. I probably will only end up using Linux to handle my music if that makes a difference. I will try and see if I can change the tag settings.

Thanks for the help :) 

I’m using Ubuntu and MSC mode and have had no problems. I think it is more flexible and compatible. The main thing is to not mix modes as files from one will be missing in the other.

I use Songbird for managing music and plugin FolderSync to sync very nicely with Fuze.

I created a SYNC folder in MUSIC so that I can also have files that bypass the sync.

I also use EasyTag to edit tags but keep in mind it will often put Genre tags incorrectly using numeric instead of textual values. I made a little python tool (fixmp3) that will fix the mp3 files so Fuze doesn’t show numeric values in the menu. I find this easier than fixing them in Windows’s mp3tag because it can scan a whole directory tree and fix any bad tags.

Other than this Genre issue EasyTag works very well.

I’ve tried getting them to fix it but as per most open source projects they just ignore my input.

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