Dont like the 2000 limit on sandisk update

hi i came to say that the 2000 limit thing is really fustrating because some of my songs wont show up yet i have more than 2000 songs on my sandisk clip sport can you please help me by making an update that increases the 2000 limit or send me a link to 1.09 update thanks


Maybe take a look at this old discussion of Firmware 1.28 (with the 4000 file limit).…

And then if you are still interested, here is a link to the Firmware archived on my Wordpress webpage.

Maybe reply here with your decisions and your results?

this limit is very bad

The 200 song ceiling is due to a hardware limitation in the newer processor SanDisk is using now. SanDisk did not (and still doesn’t) manufature the processing unit, and the older one was discontinued by the manufacturer.

SanDisk tried upping the song limit (and succeeded through a beta firmware update), but had to severly cripple, or drop other features in order to do it so the decision was made to leave it the way it was.

Here is a link to my WordPress blog page with a discussion and download link for Clip Sport beta Firmware 1.28.

Clip Sport Firmware 1.28 allows for 4000 objects in each Music database (internal and external).