Don't like on/off botton on Fuze compared to Sansa e260

I have both players and don’t like the power button/slider being on the side of the Fuze … it’s little and awkard. Extremely difficult to turn on and off once it’s in a case. The e260 had a much better way of shutting it on and off (unfortunatly that player died) … lol

All you had to do on the e260 is press and hold the circular button on the front of the player … this button on the Fuze, is called the Home/Menu button but does not turn the player on or off. Kinda dissapointed about that.  Thought as new models come are introduced they should be better in design.  IMO the pwr button is worse.

I couldn’t agree more, and have said so many times here. While the Fuze has some improvements over the e200 series, they are mainly due to user’s suggestions here on the forum and have been for the most part, implemented through firmware updates. These firmware ‘enhancements’ could be added just as easily for the e200 series, which if done, would allow the former ‘flag-ship’ of the line, now discontinued to run circles around it’s descendent. But alas, that will never happen.

A giant step backwards for SanDisk as far as I’m concerned. This, of course isn’t a ‘first’. Look at all the ‘crap’ you buy today that doesn’t hold a candle to what it replaced. :angry:

I think it’s fine. Seen better? Sure. But it’s nto THAT bad.

FWIW I have a general dislike for buttons that have  unrelated functions depending on how long you hold them.  You end up either having somethign happen that you don’t want, or you sit around holding the button waiting for something that you want to happen immediately.  Once the switch behind that button gets just a little flakey, then you can only guess which function you will get.

I just bought a Fuze 8GB, and so far that’s one of my only 2 complaints, the power button.  I actually have a cradle and mount that holds my Fuze in my car.  The mount has rubberized adjustable sides that you squeeze in to hold it.  With my e250, I just hoped in, press the button on front for a few seconds, then by the time I start the car up and put my seatbelt on, it was booted up and ready to go.  Now I have hit the release button on the cradle, hold the button up, then re-squeeze the sides in to hold it.  Not a deal breaker obviously, since_ _I haven’t returned it.  (If I find the receipt, I might though)  I don’t have it in a case, but I suspect it would be a paid with a case on it, especially a hard case like I had on my e250.

Sandisk might be discontinuing the Slotmusic cards and replacing them with Slotmusic+ cards. The Slotmusic+ cards are basically the same as the Slotmusic cards, except that they have 4 GB of free space where you can put your own songs.