Don't know where

I don’t know where to post this but I have an extremely dumb question :

 I have a Sandisk ultra 64gb backup " sdcz40-064g " that I got so I could put movies on and that I switched the format to both exFAT and NTFS,  Vista won’t give me an option to use FAT32,  but can’t get it to work in BR player plugged to TV and I could only find backup drivers for it

 My question is  " what other drivers do I need to put a movie on the backup-drive so I can plug it in and watch it on the TV through the player ?

It won’t even play a small 230Mb file, I even tried just a music video file and nothing.

 It’s a SONY br player and it’s supposed to play everything but all I get is a msg saying that the USB isn’t supported.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanx and I hope someone can help me with this.