Don't buy from Amazon resellers in the UK. No SSD, No refunds

Hey all.

Very happy with my WD Passport so I decided to get a SanDisk 4TB Pro with 2000MB/s transfer! Not cheap though at over £500. I ordered this from Amazon UK but when the package arrive the box inside was empty. Amazon refunded with a credit, so thinking it was a one off, I purchased again. Same thing happened, package arrived with an empty product box in it. The Amazon driver waited for me to open it all and confirmed he’d be a witness. Amazon won’t refund my money as that’s a second strike.

Turns out what looks like an official SanDisk manufacturers page on Amazon, isn’t really. Also despite the single listing with “choose you options of SSD/HDD, capacity etc”, each of these options can be fulfilled by non-Amazon suppliers. Texeno is one of these and has plenty of bad feedback that the practice of sending out empty boxes is a business plan for them. I notice the items end up on eBay as “new without box”.

Don’t buy an SSD from Amazon in the UK. Currys PC World will price match Amazon, and they are a recognised retailer for SanDisk. When I called WD they confirmed that Amazon is not a distributor!

I’d love to be posting comparisons between a SanDisk Extreme Pro & my WD Passport, to see how much of the extra 1000MB/S makes a difference in transferring video data, but for now, I’m £500 out of pocket so that’ll have to wait.