Doesn't turn on

It doesn’t turn on or charge.


Hold power for 30 seconds.

I’m having exactly the same problem, although I don’t have a large file to contend with. I was playing an audiobook which has a lot of small files. All of a sudden the power went down and I haven’t been able to get it started up again. I thought perhaps I might have accidentally locked it, but it didn’t respond at all.

Doing the 30-second reboot thing at least brought the screen back but like yours it got stuck on the fan-shaped picture.

I held down the middle button and plugged it in. The computer is only reading from my memory card and claims that the Clip memory needs to be reformatted before it can be used. I disengaged the memory card, and put it in another slot to check it. Now the computer thinks it can’t be ejected safely because another app is using it.

Have you tried holding the power switch(about 10-15 seconds)? That happened to me once, and I had to perform a hard-shutdown. try it.

I see there’s another echo in here.

Can you connect to your computer; right click on the Clip drive; and run a Windows error check on the Clip drive?