doesn't seem to scroll properly...

I just bought my Fuze yesterday (and this is the first real MP3 player I’ve used other than a cheapie)–I charged it up and loaded some songs, and they play…when I can get to that.  My problem is, I seem to be able to scroll left and right but not up and down so I can select other menu items.  Once in a while I can get it to move (like from music to video to settings), but not all the time.  I saw this description in another post (which is pretty much what mine seems to be doing.)  I have XP and I don’t even know which version of WMP (I’m at work), but that part of it seemed to work fine.  Is this a hardware issue where I should just take it back, or is this something a software upgrade could fix?

…the thumbwheel wont
scroll. I basically have no control with the volume but when  you press it left, right, up it works and it also came to my attention
that when i press the down button when its playing music, it goes to the music options but then if i try pressing it again it wont go to
the next option.

The spinning the scrollwheel left or right controls directional movement, either left or right (volume) or up or down (menus).

Pressing the scrollwheel controlls play/pause, forward/back and invoking the context menu. 

Well, now I feel appropriately stupid.  Thanks (seriously)!:dizzy_face: 

No worries, we all have had a learning experience with the new control.

Coming from use of the Sansa e200 series players, these devices have a dedicated scroll ring with surrounding buttons. The Fuze’s scroll wheel doubles as a 5-button control.

In a few situations, the upper button is disabled, functioning as a play/pause button, and the scroll wheel takes over for navigating the menus. (The e200 is a little different.)

After a few minutes, it gets pretty easy.

Enjoy your new Fuze!

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

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Is it possible that instead of scrolling up/down, that the scroll wheel can navigate by pressing up and down?  I watched this video and the reviewer clicks like so, but I was playing with my Fuze and it can only do scrolling up/down.  Thank you!