Doesn't resume playback with music

Hey all-

I recently inherited this device from my wife who hated it. I updated the firmware and have been using it pretty regularly, mostly with frustrating results. Anyway, I’m having an issue that I need help with.

When I turn the player off during a song, and turn it back on, nothing happens. It shows the song is paused, so when I hit the “play” button, it starts the song OVER. It does NOT resume playback where it left off, which is VERY annoying.

Have you tried pressing PAUSE before turning it off?

Just tried that - didn’t work.

It’s weird - when I turn it back on, if I had stopped at like 2 minutes during a song, it starts counting from that 2 minute mark but starts the song playing over. 

Maybe the player is defective - I’ll see if it’s still under warranty.

strangely enough Sansa replaced it with a brand new one. I updated the firmware, and it’s doing the same thing! Turn it back on, and it’s automatically paused. Press “play”, and it starts the song over from the beginning.  Is it just horrible luck that 2 devices in a row don’t work, or is this normal for this mp3 player?