Does your clip+ not get recognised by certain kit?

I’m just trying to guage if there’s a common thread where people’s Clip+ is not recognised by certain bits of kit (car stereos, operating systems, PMP with hosting facilities ect).  If so, do other music players/memory sticks work for you?  I can’t make my son’s clip+ work with my Archos 605, whereas it recognises all other usb sticks/players I’ve thrown at it.  When I attach the clip+ the Archos sees a Mass Storage Device, then the clip resets, gets recognised and resets ad infinitum until I pull it from the player.  Is it just me?

Things get a little dicey using the USB OTG mode, since the Clip+ might be asking more current than the Archos’ charge pump may be willing to feed.  A portable device runs on about 3.7 volts.  This is stepped up to support a 5 volt USB connection.  The connection of two players together gets complicated when the host is tasked with recharging the Clip, I think.

If it’s a communications issue, you can try connecting after first selecting MSC mode on the Sansa.  There could be something funky going on if one of the devices is looking for an MTP host.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: