Does Video4Fuze work for Fuze+?

Does Video4Fuze work for Fuze+?

I should. I have played a lot of files that I had created for the Fuze using my Fuze+. However, if you want higher-quality, you should consider increasing the resolution to 320x240, as this is what the Fuze+ uses by default (however, other resolutions should work fine, as long as they don’t exceed 320x240); the old Fuze only used 224x176. This is not necessary, though.

Indeed, Video4Fuze does work, as I have output files made for the original Fuze / e280v2 on microSD, and they play just fine.  They are of a lower resolution, as they’re formatted for the smaller screen, but it still looks very good.

To see the difference higher resolution would make, check out the Tiesto concert sample video, it looks pretty cool.

You can use AnyVideoConverter too, it’s rreally fast.  There’s a thread in this forum section about using AVC, showing the output settings.

Remember, the SMC version 4.256 does not properly recognize the Fuze+.  Version 4.263 is needed.

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What settings do I change in the Preferences in video4fuze to make them convert videos to the Fuze+'s specificatons and screen size?

I do use AnyVideoConverter, a fantastic free converter which can converter pretty much anything to the Fuze+. It is indeed also very fast.

I have tried the SMC, noticing that the 4.256 version does not work with the Fuze+, and then trying the 4.263 version. This version did work, but takes forever to convert anything, and the videos end up choppy, audio out of sync with the video (which gets worse as the video plays on) and sometimes doesn’t copy to the device.

AnyVideoConverter on the “CustomizedMP4” preset is the best option.

mine gives error once it finishes the file. it lists two paths both in my user profile folder\local settings\temp both point to 2 different AVI files then it says something like “returned non-zero exit status 1.” Using 0.6 on XP SP3.

EDIT: specific error message:

An error has ocurred: Command ‘[C:\Documents’, ‘and’, ‘Settings\Owner\My’, ‘Documents\Downloads\v4f0.6_portable\v4f0.6_portable\fuzemux.exe’, c:\docume~1\owner\locals~1\temp\0001_0750.avi’, ‘c:\docume~1\owner\locals~1\temp\0001_750.temp_fuzemuxed.avi’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1