Does this product actually work in Win 10 64 bit?

Sorry if this is anwered in another topic, there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on the topic and i cant find a definitive answer.

Two simple questions: 

Does this product work on windows 10 64 bit? 

Does it actually make a difference?


I can say that it does but I have always done a fresh install of W10, not an upgrade. Always 64-bit.

I also take the precaution of uninstalling the Sandisk software, restarting, formatting the SSD then erasing the filesystem in Disk Management, turn off, disconnect the drive, perform the OS install, then (when complete) reintroduce the drive and install the 1.3.2 software.

It may also depend on other hardware in the system. I have carried this out on low-end Intel platform (B75, H61, H81 etc.) There is one more G41 based system that I will be upgrading.

The only limitation I noticed is that mouse scroll doesn’t work on the mouse.