Does the SanDisk Clip Sport support class 10 microSD cards? Need solid answer for a future purchase.

I’m in the market for a new “sports” DAP. I originally inteded to run with my Walkman A46 but i was afraid of breaking it with sweat or losing it at the gym. I have a SanDisk 32GB microSD card (class 10) lying around and the Clip Sport seems like the perfect candiate for my need but upon investigating this forum and other places on the web, i came across quite a few threads and comments that claimed the Clip Sport os SanDisk mp3 players in general don’t get along with Class 10 microSD. While a person or two said that a firmware update fixed that. I really need a solid answer for this because i’ve been digging around for hours now and i’m still clueless. 

I have been using Class 10 micro SD cards with my Clip Sports without any obvious problems.

My one caution is to use 16 gb cards. The Clip Sport Firmwares (except for beta 1.28, 3 years ago) only allow for 2000 audio files per music (or audio book) database.  I usually exceed the database limit around 13 gb (??).

    On this Forum you can search to read about the various benefits and problems with FOLDER mode.  This mode does not use database memory.  This caution applies to internal and the separate external memory locations.


Thank you for your answer. So if i use the 32GB card i have mentioned above via Folder mode, the limitation will not be applied, i only have to place everything in one unifed folder for shuffle mode to work? Is that correct?

YES. You are correct. All the audio files in one unified folder under Music. Then use Folder mode wih the Shuffle command.

There is another way to enjoy Shuffle using Folder Mode with audio files distributed within several subfolders under Music.

    You could try creating Playlists of files that reside in multiple subfolders. 

    Then, you can use the Shuffle command when you start playing the playlist. 

There are several discussions in this Forum of how to create Playlists with accepted solutions.