Does the micros SDHC care integrate seamlessly with the Connect internal memory?

I apologize in advance if this has already been answered.  I’ve looked through the forums and have found conflicting information.

I’m considering purchasing a 4GB micro SDHC card for my connect.  I will not use it for video or for syncing with my PC.  I simply want to have more space for playlists and music that I get through wifi.  When I add my sdhc card will my Connect behave as though it was built with 8GB of internal memory?

The ONLY way to add media files onto your microSD card is via your PC.  Music acquired wirelessly through the service will not be stored on your microSD card.


Wow, that’s not really useful at all.  One of the unique feature of the Connect is Zing, and its use is limited to the built in memory.  That seems like a very odd limitation.  Thanks for the clarification.  I hope a future firmware release fixes this.

It was even less useful when you couldn’t store media onto the card while it was in the player … at least the last firmware upgrade fixed that.  :smiley:

You can move music from internal memory to the expansion memory by dragging and dropping as a way to free up space for music downloded via the Connect WiFi feature.  Also, the internal and expansion memory shows up in YMJ and WMP as individual devices allowing you to transfer downloaded music to either location.   In Preferences > Portable Devices on either player, you can select which memory location you want to be the default for transfers.