Does the latest Firmware degrade the Clip's sound quality?

I made the switch to firmware .20 from .11A and my impression is that the sound quality has suffered. My theory is that a decrease in power output which drops the volume a bit in the minimal volume settings (and which may also improve the running time of the battery)has dropped the power driving the earphones and has resulted in a relatively thin sound versus the previous build. Could this possibly be correct? If so I would prefer the old firmware with higher power driving the earphones even if that entailed a tradeoff of shorter battery life between chargess.

Sansafix, could you offer a comment?


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For whatever it’s worth, I didn’t notice any change yesterday, at medium volume and a good pair of Sony over-the-ear phones.

Hrm, I’ve not noticed a change in sound quality either.  I listen through UltimateEars IEMs and a pair of Sennheiser cans and can’t tell a difference between build .18 and build .20.  Maybe I should go back and give .11 a listen :slight_smile:

Not trying to step on the OP’s toes, mind you.  Sound preferences are very personal and maybe you do hear something that I don’t.

The change only extends the ability to set the volume to lower settings. There is no effect on the sound quality / volume maximum range.

Thanks Sansafix and others who have responded. I do want to mention that no matter what my current issue, the Clip is the best sounding MP3 player I have heard. It’s GREAT!

all the new firmware added was lower voltage steps.  if you listen to the same visual amount of volume, you will be at a lower volume, which will make the sound seem thin on the same headphones due to the way we perceive bass:

in a nutshell, at lower volumes, more bass sounds natural.

The hardware of the clip is the same…so it should sound just as tasty after the FW upgrade.

I did have an interesting problem yesterday…buzzing in both channels.  The sound cleared right up after changing the EQ from “Jazz” to “Normal”, then back.  I tried to replicate the problem, but my clip has been happy ever since.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: