Does someone but me get access to my data on Sandisk SecureAccess Vault?


I’ve never really paid attention to Sandisks SecureAccess function before, but some security on personal documents and such would be nice so I decided to give it a shot. How secure is it really though?

The fact that your data according to Sandisk will be accessible even if your flash drive gets lost or stolen means that your data is uploaded to some cloud right? That got me wondering, do Sandisk get access to my data? Cause I do not feel very comfortable giving out personal documents and images from my life and work to a company because they tricked me into believing it was encrypted and “secure”.

Does someone know if they have some kind of policy on this that prevents a third party from accessing my data? 


I suspect you misread something.  a. SecureAccess only runs on the SanDisk flash drive.  b. If your flash drive is lost or stolen noone will be able to read your data stored in the SecureAccess vault.  c. I’m not aware of any cloud access.