Does not start : stuck at the logo stage

My sansa Clip+ bought in february 2014 on amazon (fr) does not start anymore. I have to reset it after each starting attempt by pressing 10s on the power button. After the reset, the logo disappears but the player is not more able to start. If I connect it to my computer, the player is stuck at the same stage. The battery must be full (I canno visualize this informatio of course) because I leave my sansa clip+ charging a long time.

The player gets stuck at the logo stage and never actually start. I cannot access the file from a computer ; therefore, I cannot upgrade the firmware to fix the bug…

Does someone have a idea how can I fix this issue? Is there a warranty for product 8 months old?

@pprw wrote:

Is there a warranty for product 8 months old?

Yes, the warranty is 1 year in the US, 2 years in the EU. Contact SanDisk here.

You can also try holding down the << button while you connect and see if that lets you make the connection.

Hi PPrw, since this is still under warranty, I’d check first and see if a replacement would be possible here.

It is the solution indeed. I send my player to sandisk and I am waiting the new one. Thanks all for your help.