Does it exist microsd 16GB (not microsdhc)?

Hi everyone. I’m in trouble because I’ve seen an offer on a website for a Sandisk micro sd 16GB, and the photo does not report the word “SDHC”, only “SD”.

I always thought that microsd over 2GB were microsdhc, but the photo I’ve seen destabilized me.

I’ve done a search on Sandisk website but I couldn’t see any microsd 16GB, only microsdhc, but on other sites, like this: they talk about microsdhc, but the picture tells that it’s a microsd…

It’s a mistake for me because I already have a microsdhc 8GB  class 6 (it’s another brand) and I wouldn’t that even if it’s a 16GB it’s slower than my 8GB sdhc class 6…

What do you think about?

You are correct. All cards larger than 2GB are SDHC format. I wouldn’t worry about the generic picture.