Does fast-forward have to be silent?

My refurbished m250 started acting wonky, so I upgraded to the Clip+, which does everything the m250 and more!

Except for one thing.

When I listen to a podcast, I’ll often skip past the opening song to the content. With the m250, I’d just hold down the Forward button until I got to the part I wanted to listen to. With the Clip+, I can’t hear the mp3 while it fast-forwards. Is there a way to enable this?

Nope.  It’s a common lack-of-feature in DAPs nowadays, that I just hate.  Like having a VCR or DVD player without picture as you forward advance …

Sorry, no. That’s a feature present on the e200 v1 series as well. On the newer v2’s it’s gone.

Too bad, as it is quite handy, especially ff’ing through commercials and the like on radio podcasts.

This is the direction that DAPs have seen to have gone.  I hate it–it’s like a VCR without screen when you fast forward.  At least have an option to turn seek sound on …


Hey, the coolest thing since the invention of the pre-sliced dill pickle is on the e200 : Scan Through Song.

In this mode, rolling through the track is possible via the scroll wheel, just like a video editing “jog wheel”.  If the end delay (the time between stoping the wheel and reversion to normal playback) were increased a few seconds, it would have been atomic cool.  I LOVE it for podcasts, as I can find the next news story very rapidly.

I’d love it if the Sansas would give a little audio feedback while scanning; this would be a great improvement indeed.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Boy, that sounds ideal.  If only it was brought to the Clip in some form …