Does ExpressCache work with RAID?

My workstation’s C: drive is a three-disk RAID5 attached to a 3ware 9750-4i controller.  I’m reasonably happy with the performance, but there’s always room for improvement, so I bought a ReadyCache SSD to give it a bit of a boost…

However I’m not experiencing the gains I was expecting - indeed, I’m not really seeing any gain at all - and looking at the cache stats, I’m seeing truly terrible hit rates even after running for several days and rebooting several times, and even after clearing and recreating the cache.

This probably explains why I’m not seeing much if any benefit, but it leads me to wonder if I wasted my money if the caching software doesn’t work with hardware RAID.  If so, it sure would have been nice to have known that before I paid my money for this thing.

C:\Windows\system32>eccmd -info
ExpressCache Command Version
Copyright⌐ 2010-2012 Condusiv Technologies.
Date Time: 7/17/2013 0:6:23:879 (SNIKTESEVEN #6)

EC Cache Info

Mounted                   : Yes
Partition Size            : 29.82 GB
Reserved Size             : 3.00 MB
Volume Size               : 29.82 GB
Total Used Size           : 29.13 GB
Total Free Space          : 704.50 MB
Used Data Size            : 29.05 GB
Used Data Size on Disk    : 29.12 GB

Tiered Cache Stats
Memory in use             : 1024.00 MB
Blocks in use             : 8188
Read Percent              : 0.31%

Cache Stats
Cache Volume Drive Number : 1
Total Read Count          : 77255
Total Read Size           : 61.72 GB
Total Cache Read Count    : 1090
Total Cache Read Size     : 75.38 MB
Total Write Count         : 116807
Total Write Size          : 64.03 GB
Total Cache Write Count   : 23279
Total Cache Write Size    : 486.24 MB

Cache Read Percent        : 0.12%
Cache Write Percent       : 0.74%

I think the problem is the rather slow SSD in combination with the poor software. I often noticed, that the Software is really aggressive adjusting the cache and during those times the SSD is nearly unusable. So the pc will react really really slow or even lock up for 10 secs. This happens quiet often while playing games. If the game is constantly accessing some files they will get cached and during that time the game is unplayable.

I have an Intel DQ57TM motherboard with RAID 1 (mirroring) and I get huge performance boost both on boot time and applications usage.

After three reboots, boot time when down from 3 minutes to 40 seconds.

Motherboard RAID is done in software, so the I/O is still seen as SATA by the OS - and presumably by Expresscache.

Perhaps I should have asked “Does ExpressCache work with hardware RAID”, because I’m coming to the conclusion that it does not, and I have wasted my money.

And apparently nobody else knows the answer, or if they do, they’re not sharing it.