Does ExpressCache 1.3.0 stay in the System Tray?


There is a user (mannix) in the thread below complaining that it doesn’t:

See here

Is this real? I wouldn’t want to just Minimize EC, that would be sloppy.


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Once the GUI is opened it will stay in the system trey after it is closed. To get it out of the system trey you have to exit the system trey icon. 

Keep in mind that icon is for the GUI only. The caching engine is running regardless the GUI in the system trey or not

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Hi drlucky,

Thanks - I appreciate the reply.


To add to this I find it doesn’t reliably show up, either i crash explorer.exe or i force exit it in task manager and restart it, then it shows up for some reason.  Just restarting the expresscache gui doesn’t make it show up

Hi wetnap,

Thanks for the information.

I temporarily removed the “mark as solution.” until more people could advise if this is a real problem or just isolated to you…

Have you tried cleanly uninstalling 1.3.0 and reinstalling again?

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Do we have a problem here?

See this.

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