does clip plus turn on during charge?

I plug the unit into a usb port then work and forget it is there, turn off computer and go away. So when I get back to the machine next day,  clip is on and draining or close to discharged… I try  to turn it off when plugged in and charging but it will not turn off.    Is this correct and suppossed to be on ???

Thanks in advance

Yes, that’s been my experience. You also need to check if computer goes to sleep. Personally I use a wall charger, it still turns on.

When I charge, I always do so with the Clip not playing anything (or if the player is set to FM, having the FM radio paused); between that and having set the player to turn after after a set period of inactivity, I believe that this takes care of your issue and the player, then, just would turn off.  Easy.

Alternatively, you could charge the player through a power source that doesn’t shut off, as noted above.

ahhh so… and maybe mini card radio or settings may work then,?

 I will try anything.!. seems the charge time is compromised while/because unit is running!

I will look into using the timer aspect as well… might be in settings too