Does anyone repair Sansa mp3 players?

I have two Fuze players and a Sansa Clip. I think they all need batteries. Does anyone know of a place/person who repairs these devices? YES, I know how little/ or how much it costs to get a new one, but I just want to have the three fixed. I’d appreciate hearing back about repairs being done. Thanks. barnkeeper

It depends where you are. If you are in a country where wages are low, and there are high taxes on electronic items, then it may be worthwhile to get Sandisk players fixed. In most of the US though, it is likely to cost much more to get a player fixed than to buy a used one in good condition.

One of my friends wanted to get a broken microwave oven fixed. The repair place he brought it into wanted more than double the cost of a new one to fix his broken microwave oven.

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There are no official repair operations. If you know someone who’s good with a soldering iron, you can find a lot of information and photos regarding  the internals at

I have three fuses myself as well as two clips getting set to replace the battery and one of the fuses and I will be replacing in the others I’ll let you know how it goes give me an email if you need to talk to you later obviously not its junkeaglegmail comjunkeaglegmail com