Does Able Planet's Clear Harmony Si1000 Earphones Volume Control work on Clip+?

It doesn’t work on mine. A rep at able planet told me it should and offered to exchange it. But reviews I’ve read say the volume control is designed to work with iPhones and iPods and calls the control a “made for iPhone controller.”

So I’m wondering if the phone rep was right and my earphones are defective or if the volume control just doesn’t work with the clip+?

They sound great so I’ll probably stay with this model in either case, just want to know if I should exchange them.

Thanks for any info.

The Clips don’t have any remote control abilities.  The only remote control that I’ve heard/seen/had work is a volume rotary control dial on a headphone extension cable–the kind that will work with any electronics item. 

Hi. Is the volume rotary control something that we need to buy separately like an accessory?

The volume control is on the cord attached to the earphones.
It’s the little rectangular part in the middle of the wire in the second picture on the top in this link:

But I suppose circuitry matters more than position?

Speaking of volume control (probably a dumb question)

The able planet earphones I just bought replaced a different model that had a volume control that worked very well with the clip+. It was my impression that I could get the clip+ to play louder by using the volume control on the earphones than with the volume rocker on the clip. But that seems impossible to me now. I’m thinking that when it seemed to go louder with the earphone controller, the clip’s volume wasn’t set to max.

I lost the other earphones so I can’t run a test but I’m curious, so I’m asking this very stupid question here.

@joelmch wrote:
Hi. Is the volume rotary control something that we need to buy separately like an accessory?

Some headphones have it; it can be added to others through a headphone extension cable with the volume rotary control on it.  Handy, especially for on-the-go use. 

Available at electronics stores for $10 or so or less, such as at Radio Shack,, etc.  Sometimes called a volume attenuator.