document it Bro! Another death as a result of tasering

Recently, within 60 day, at least 2 people have been in the news because they died after being tasered; one in Canada, one in the US.

Taser action should have a ‘paper trail’.
When a police officer fires a gun the investigators know how many shots were fired.

A taser is powered by batteries so it can and should be self documenting; it should record:
1 the number of times it was used
2 the length of time for each use, and
3 the amperage from the beginning of each use to the end of each use.

When the action in Canada was in the news, the ‘experts’ were saying that the number the media was stating for the Volts (50,000) was misleading because ‘it not the Volts… but the AMPs that kill you’.

Three simple things that can be recorded by the taser gun it self and later reviewed by investigators. A taser ‘black box’.

‘Document It Bro!’

And you think this isn’t already done?

Tasering someone is better than beating them in the head or shooting them, isnt’ it?

Sometimes, Tasering is the final resort.
Check out my blog for a bizare guy in a rooftop.

i would hate to be taserd. My friend shocked me once with one of those handheld tasers, no thnx.

No way would I let someone willingly tase me… lol… I may be crazy, but not that crazy

Though If you were going to tase a man who was attacking you aim for the jewls.

@gamegeeks wrote:

Though If you were going to tase a man who was attacking you aim for the jewls.

lol smokin balls of fury >.>

See what I did there… lol

No, but seriously that would hurt…

That’s the point.

I know a number of cops.  All of them have been tasered before (the company that sells them won’t let you carry one without first getting hit full-force.)  They all describe it as…  one of the most fun things they did in training.

Then again, you kinda have to be insane just to consider taking that job in the first place, so I guess that doesn’t really say much.

Hey if it wheren’t for cops there would be way to many donuts in the world.

I was going to be a cop but I failed the physical. I was alergic to doughnuts.

Ha Ha. -Nelson