Docking station ?

Have read through the forum and I just want to make sure that I am understanding correctly. I f I buy the Sansa docking station, I also have to buy speakers to with it? I DON’T want to run it through my home stereo, I  just want to put my fuze on the dock and be able to play it with I am back in the OR. I don’t want a mini stereo system to lug around, I don’t want multiple parts to make it work. My friend uses a generic Audiodesign docking station that has built in speakers. It is small, round and I could stick it in my purse and tote it around. I thought the docking system would not be this big of a problem and if it involves mutliple parts, I’de almost rather get a different MP3 player that has more and cheaper options. Thanks!!

The Sansa docking/base station is just that. A docking station. It plugs into your home stereo and plays through your stereo speakers. It doesn’t sound like this is what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, there are many more options to choose from. There are some docking/charging/speaker systems available, but don’t get one unless it says it’s “made for” or “compatible with Sansa” devices. If you try to use one made for Ipods, the connector isn’t exactly the same, and you could fry your Sansa. Also, the Fuze is a rather new model, comparatively speaking, so you may find less choices. Just recently, protective cases started becoming available for the Fuze, and it’s been out how long?

The Macally Portable Stereo Speakers (round) looks like what you’re asking for here on the Sansa site, but it’s not compatible with the Fuze. :cry:

Same with the Altec Lansing inMotion iM510 Mobile Audio system here (tried to link but it wouldn’t take; just look for it on the Sansa site). Sweet system, but alas, Sansa e200 and c200 Series only. :cry:

Good Luck . . . I’m sure with some looking around, you can find something that will fit your needs. :smiley:

Of course, you could always get some of those miniscule stereo(?) speakers that sit on top of and plug into your headphone jack.

Thanks so much! I just came back from Best Buy, one of the few places that sells the Sansa MP3’s here and they don’t even sell the actual Sansa docking station, which is not a concern since it is NOT what I need. They do sell the Altec Lansing, which is what they tried to sell me for the fuze, but I don’t want to pay $100(minimum) for it. Good thing since it is not for the fuze either! This is a bit frustrating, it is a nice MP3 and I knew that there aren’t an abundance of accessories that go with it, but I really did not think that a docking station would be a problem. That is a complaint I would put forth to the Sandisk folks (according to Best Buy, Sansa players are the 2nd most purchased MP3’s) - they need to offer at least a decent amount of accessories for their products.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I had done much research, even called Sandisk (who told me that their docking station would do what I am wanting - obviously wrong!) and still wasn’t really sure what would work in reality.

Big wheels turn slowly. More accessories and after-market products will become available for the Fuze, but it will take time.

I too, noticed the Altec Lansing im510 was a bit steep at $119 on the Sandisk site. Of course, that’s a good unit with good speakers. So I guess it’s not that bad considering. You might try looking on If there’s something that will work for you, chances are they will have the best price.

I have the Sansa base station and really enjoy it. But then, that’s what I was looking for; something to plug into my stereo at home. Your wants & needs are different. I got mine from Amazon for $47, no sales tax + free shipping. The best price I found anywhere else was $59.99 + tax + shipping. Quite a difference. And Amazon always gets whatever I buy from them (or their partners) to me in record time.

Good Luck in your search! :smiley:

Could this be another alternative?

I just bought a Fuze for my daughter and was looking for something affordable that she could just keep on her nightstand that she could connect her Fuze to.

I’ve also thought about the Grifin PowerDock for Sansa [ - mentioned in an earlier post], but would still need to find seperate amplified speakers to go with it.

If anyone’s tried either of the above I’d love their feedback / thoughts.


The Griffin Power Dock works great!! They have them for 14.99 close out price on there site!  Free shipping also!  You will need at least a USB wall adaptor to power the Dock and this will let you use and charge your Fuze at the same time… However it does not have speakers it’s made to be  used with your home stereo or plugged into you home computer… You can use some powered computer speakers with the dock and work it that way… A small powered set of computer speakers would look ok and not take up to much space on her night stand!!   Here is a link but act fast one I post it they may not last long at this price… Mine was at my door in 3 days also… Came UPS, again they shipped it free!!  Hope this helps even though it’s not exactly what your looking for!!  Good luck!!  George


No!  Accessories made for the iPod / iPhone are not compatible with the Sansa.

DO NOT USE iPod accessories that connect through the 30-pin connector!!  The pins are different, and power will be applied to the wrong locations, damaging your Fuze.

Bob  :dizzy_face:

I think JMREYES11 is all right on this one Bob; it looks as though you just plug it into the headphone jack and not the 30-pin connector port. The speakers are powered by either batteries or an AC adaptor. And it does list the Sansa (e200) as a compatible device. Anything with a 3.5 mm jack. :smiley:

Ah, I see.

I always err on the side of caution, ESPECIALLY if the accessory in question can apply power to the Sansa.

As long as it’s passive, all is well.  The headphone connection is more or less “universal”.  I missed the wee headphone connector in the photo.  Looking more closely, I see the e200 compatibility logo in the lower right, meaning the Fuze will work just fine.

I cringe at the thought of frying a new Sansa with the multitude of iPod gizmos out there.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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