Do you play chess?

A few months ago I wanted to buy a chess program for my pc. I did some research, and concluded that the Chessmaster 9000 program was the best deal for just $10 at Best Buy. I bought the program not expecting much for just $10. This program amazes me! It can play on the grandmaster level. It has so many features. It has different personalities with different playing strengths, so it won’t beat you all the time unless you want it to. It has many built in tutorials and mentor and evaluation settings, as well as a huge database of historic games. This software came out in 2002, which is why it is so cheap now.

The downside to the program? It requires every so often that you load the original disk back into the CD rom slot of you pc for several seconds every so often, perhaps every fifteenth or so time you start the program.
The program also is a cpu hog, and has a tendency to use all the cpu power at it disposal, which is good to make it play well, but not so good if you want to multitask and do other things while playing. My computer has a dual core Athlon 3800+ processor which is relatively fast, but much slower than the fastest available now. If I have the task manager open on the performance tab, I can see cpu usage get to 100% while the program is searching for a move(playing “personalities” with a 2000+ rating). For just $10 though, this program is an amazing bargain!