do I need to buy a charger?

I recently got a Fuze as a gift. It came with a USB cable. Will it automatically charge if connected to my PC (XP)? Or do I need to go out and get a charger?

I would buy a charger as when you are traveling it gives you a way to charge it if there is no PC around.

Original post - yes, it charges while plugged into your computer.  However, I agree with the above post.  I picked up a cheap car/wall charger package off eBay and have been very happy with it.  Much more convenient!

I’ve done just fine without a separate charger. As long as you’ll have your computer and Sansa together fairly often, the cord will be all you need. 

If you get a charger, just get a standard USB charger that you can plug your Sansa cord into. That way you could also use it for something else with a different connector. 

Do NOT get an iPod charger. The plug looks the same but it will FRY your Fuze. 

Thank you for the replies. What if I go to a friend’s house or a library. Couldn’t I just use their computer to charge it? Or will it only work on mine because that’s where the sansa software is installed?

Plugging the device into a friend’s computer should be no problem, with a few caveats:


If AutoRun is active on the PC, a window will pop asking what you’d like to do with the device.  Simply cancel the window.

If Windows Media Player, or another media application is running, it may want to have a peek at the device.  WiMP, for example, may ask if you would like to synchronize the device with the PC’s media library.  In this case, simply cancel the window.

As long as the device is communicating with the host PC, charging will commence.  Have a look at the battery indicator for the “rolling” logo, confirming that it’s charging.

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