Do I Have discharge problem?

I purchased my Black 1 Gig Sansa Clip yesterday and Radio Shack. Charged it fully, loaded some music, and used it for about 35 minutes. Today however I checked the battery life on the computer and it says I’m already at 80%. Is this a sign of the battery discharge problem? And how am I supposed to explain this to the Radio Shack employees? 

Here is my data taken so far.

2/1 (3:30PM)-100%
2/2 (5:AM)-80%

Message Edited by TonyD on 02-02-2008 02:44 AM

TonyD, I think you do… It might not be the worst that has been seen, some report complete self discharge in less than three days. I’m getting my own exchanged, see below. I suggest you run down the battery (play on repeat) and fully charge it again, then leave the player off only connecting it every 12 hrs to check the battery level. My own:

hrs      Battery%
00:00    100
09:30      90
24:00      86
33:30      82
43:00      74
64:00      67
72:00      65

It could be.  Did you shut the player off fully, using the power switch at left up for a couple of seconds, and then getting a Goodbye screen?  Otherwise, the player is in pause.

If so, I’d give it a few cycles and see if an issue remains.

Did you stay at Radio Shack for 3 hrs? If not I doubt the battery was ever fully charged. Do your own experiment before you return it…Jack